The Future of Scottish Tourism

Wed 4 Sep 19

Scotland has experienced tremendous success as a global tourist destination in recent years, however, the findings of the Tourism Strategy 2020 Mid-Term Strategy Review revealed that on the current trajectory, there is still much to be done if the industry is to reach its 2020 target.

Scottish tourism is constantly evolving and expectations from visitors are changing. Our customers have to be at the centre of every tourism business. We often think that we know what our customers want, but do we really?

Megatrends impacting Scottish tourism to 2025

(Report by Euromonitor commissioned by Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Tourism Alliance)

What are Megatrends?

Megatrends describe the global shifts that have a huge impact on everything in our lives – business, economy, society, culture and more.

Megatrends are impacting Scottish tourism along with other global markets and we can increasingly see examples of how businesses are capitalising on them to grow and attract new markets.

Global tourism experts refer to twelve Megatrends happening today. By merging these original twelve, four key Megatrends evolved into the most relevant for Scotland looking forward to 2025.

In a nutshell these are the four

1. EXPERIENCE MORE – offering more genuine experiences and helping visitors to be more than ‘tourists’
2. LIMITLESS DISCOVERIES – marketing the whole of Scotland, not just the favourite places
3. EVOLVING TRAVELLER – recognising the many different types of visitors, both culturally and demographically
4. TECHNOLOGY TO STIMULATE AND INFORM – using widely available technology and data capture to improve and influence the visitor experience

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