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Wed 26 Sep 18

Tay Projects

29th September -3rd November 2018

Preview 28th Sept 6.30-8.30pm


Ruth Nicol

Kate Downie RSA

Marian Leven RSA

David Mach RA

Alan Greig

Arthur Watson RSA

Doug Cocker RSA

Calum Colvin RSA

Derrick Guild RSA

Stuart Buchanan

Eddie Summerton RSA  / Andrew Wasylyk

Robert Macmillan

David Cass


We wish to celebrate the pride and the passion that the people of Tay Country have for the region which is truly engaging and infectious. We hope to convey this in our Tay Projects exhibition which features diverse and innovative work by a select group of invited Scottish Artists.

This exhibition is curated to give a multi-dimensional view of Dundee, the River Tay and the area now known as Tay Country.   Each artist brings a unique response to the area through paint, print, photography or sculpture. Individually they reflect upon the social, political, cultural, historical or geographical landscape of the Tay and as a whole they celebrate the rich multi-faceted aspects of this special area.

Overview of work.

Large photographic artwork by Calum Colvin RSA depicting the Dundee musician Michael Marra.

Edward Summerton / Andrew Wasylyk will exhibit


Cloth bound box containing a unique 10” vinyl recording of two new compositions by Wasylyk and four paintings by Summerton

Alan Greig and Robert Macmillan’s oil paintings convey the natural character of the Tay Estuary whilst Kate Downie’s monoprints are immediate responses to the quality of light passing over the river Tay whilst travelling to Dundee by train from Fife. Marian Leven’s sensitively executed watercolours distil the ethereal essence of the magical Tay country environs.

Doug Cocker RSA , who is widely known for his public Sculptures in Dundee, will be showing a collection of sculptures made of Ash called River Rain I and II

Arthur Watson RSA likens The Tay Estuary to Venice with a screen print depicting, in two separate columns, the names of the banks and Islands found in the respective areas. Two vertical screen prints are the final disti8llation of ‘Across the Sea’ A large scale sculptural installation at the 1990 Venice Biennale.


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