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St Andrews Aquarium Unveils 360 Degree Clownfish Viewing Tank

Mon 30 Mar 15

A large group of clownfish have swam into St Andrews Aquarium to take up residence in the Fife visitor attraction's brand new, state of the art dome tank. The tank, custom made for the visitor attraction, has a tunnel that visitors can crawl through to a dome in the centre where they can experience a 360 degree view of the tank teeming with the brightly coloured fish.

Like their famous friends in Disney's Finding Nemo, the clownfish made a long and eventful journey to their new home, travelling from the Far-east to Fife encountering cyclones along the way. But, like Marlin and Dory, the little orange and white fish are thriving and enjoying getting used to their new surroundings and seeing visitors close by in the centre of the dome tank.

The tank is the first of its kind in Scotland and gives visitors the chance to get up close to the fish without actually being in the water. This is the latest step in the aquarium's winter refurbishment project, with the dome tank marking the beginning of a revamp of the tropical/marine area.

John Mace, manager at St Andrews Aquarium, said:

"We are incredibly excited to welcome our new family of clownfish into our brand new dome tank at St Andrews Aquarium. The new tank is a fantastic platform to showcase these beautiful aquatic animals - there are literally hundreds of clownfish to see teeming about and exploring their new home. We can't wait for visitors to experience this new part of our visitor attraction."

John continued:

"During the winter months, we invested £30,000 to further enhance the aquarium experience for visitors. We have introduced new signage, a refurbished cold water zone, a great British shark and ray tank, as well as our brilliantly interactive new dome tank. We have also welcomed some new members to our aquarium family including spiny spider crabs and dwarf crocodiles. There is so much to see here – both for first time visitors to enjoy and new experiences for people who have been here before."

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