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Promoting your location & accommodation to film producers

Fri 28 Nov 14

Want to find out more about how you can provide your accomodation to film and TV producers?

The TayScreen and FifeScreen office was established in 2002 and promotes Fife and Tayside (Angus, Dundee and Perth & Kinross) for all kinds of screen production – advertising, film and TV. Since then the region has hosted more than a dozen films and many advertising and TV projects each year. Screen productions brings benefits such as location fees, spending on regional services and crew and promotion of the region for business and tourism.

Why would I want to promote my property as a screen location?
It's no secret that screen production whether a full film crew or small TV team, can be an imposition on your property and your time.
But reasons why people make their property available include:

  • Location Fees – these can range from £600 to £2,000 per day not including expenses such as use of power supplies and additional security. Projects range from 1 day to several months.
  • Promotion of the business or other businesses – whether the location itself or other business interests of the owners, projects can be an opportunity to get valuable promotion both by the production company and linked to the project by owners themselves through websites and other media. For example some location owners have catering or other services companies or they may own properties that can be rented for crew accommodation. A photo of a well-known film or TV star could be very helpful. (Be aware of the need to get clearance before using any such information – TayScreen can advise on and help with this.)
  • Interest in production – some people find the experience of working with a production crew interesting and enjoy seeing their property on screen.

Find out more by downloading the document 'Quick Guide: Promoting your Accommodation & Location for Film and TV production'.


  • fifetayscreen-promotion-accom_locations-1411.pdf (519 kB)

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