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Outlander - Opportunities for your Business

Wed 24 Jun 15

Film tourism is a growing market across the world ‐ 4 in 10 people are inspired to visit an area after seeing it on film or TV ‐ and with the huge interest in Outlander there are some great opportunities for businesses in Fife to tap into this.

Here are some suggestions of how your business can make the most of Outlander and other film tourism opportunities:

1. Create packages or experiences for visitors, such as a themed afternoon tea, special menu, trail, walk or tour. For example, for Outlander, could you link any of your activity to clans, ancestry, or romantic Scottish weddings?

2. Are there any other local tourism businesses that would be interested in working with you to create a wider visitor experience, for example a film themed trail or self‐guided tour involving local accommodation, restaurants, cafes, tours and attractions.

3. For accommodation providers ‐ why not have Scottish movie nights or stock copies of local, or Scottish films for guests to watch? You could also provide a film fact sheet on where they were filmed and places to visit.

4. If you operate an attraction, museum or gallery, could you create a mini, temporary exhibition by using existing pieces from your collections? Could you could create something topical just by exhibiting pieces together. For example, artefacts, documents and artworks around a Jacobean theme would create interest for Outlander fans.

5. Create a 'Did you know' section on your website to make guests aware of any films, TV programmes or adverts you have been seen in, or are located close to ‐ or any actors that come from Fife. If you had a famous actor stay or visit, you may want to use this as a hook, but do make sure you are not breaking any confidentiality agreements.

Attached is a PDF of locations, information, links and useful contacts. 


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