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Mid Fife Tourism Association Workshops

Wed 6 Apr 16

Mid Fife Tourism Association

"In the Footsteps of Kings"

Develop new opportunities for your business

Mid Fife Local Tourist Association and the Fife Tourism Partnership are working to maximise the potential of Mid Fife's tourism product.

"In the Footsteps of Kings" is the latest Mid Fife initiative to capitalise on Fife's ancient royal connections, and provide visitors with authentic, memorable experiences.

To maximise the tourism potential of this initiative and other intiatives in Mid Fife, tourism businesses need to see how they can link in and create exciting and interesting propositions and experiences for visitors. The Mid Fife Association will be holding 2 workshops to help you explore these opportunities.

The workshops will help you do just that and to align to local area objectives, to attract more visitors to the area. The aim is to agree a way forward for tourism businesses to interact with and work closely with the Tourist Association to develop tourism in Mid Fife.

Your views are important, all organisations, community leaders and business owners in the Mid Fife area who have an interest in developing tourism are invited to attend either of the workshops.

The ultimate goal is to attract more visitors to Mid Fife and enhance the quality of the visitor experience.


Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy
25th April; 2.30-4.30
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Balbirnie Golf Club, Glenrothes
26th April; 10.00 - 12.00
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If you would like to contribute to this project please contact: Stewart Walker, BTS, 0131 625 7040 e:[email protected] or follow this link to complete our BTS Projects Contact Form.

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