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Latest Business Funding Streams

Mon 11 Apr 16

Esmee Fairbairn Foundation - Food Strand | £5,000 - £500,000 | N/A

Foundation supports work which demonstrates the important role food plays in wellbeing and which connects people to the food that they eat. It seeks to bring about more sustainable food production and consumption policies and practices. They will support work which:
• delivers high quality, innovative local food projects, particularly those that can become financially sustainable and are replicable.
• establishes closer links between NGOs, community groups, producers, retailers and industry in order to create more coherent food sector.
• improves people's understanding of the place that food plays in our lives and shows the role that access to good quality food can have on wellbeing.
• leads to the prioritisation of sustainable food production and consumption in local and national policy, practice and decision-making.
• increases demand for better quality food from sustainable sources, for example, through changes to public procurement.
No set amount but usually between £5,000 - £500,000

An eligibility quiz and link to application is available at:

Cashback for Creativity - Creative Scotland | N/A | N/A

Cashback for Creativity aims to support a wide range of projects in dance, film and music - reaching communities where there is an identified and demonstrated need.

CashBack for Creativity is part of the Scottish Government's CashBack for Communities initiative, which has seen over £45 million recovered through the Proceeds of Crime Act, reinvested back into communities to benefit Scotland's young people. £3 million has been allocated over three years towards arts, music and dance activities.

If you want to find out more email: [email protected]

Foyle Foundation - Main Grants Scheme | £10,000 - £500,000 | N/A

ARTS: Seeks applications which make a strong artistic case for support in either the performing or visual arts. Organisations or projects which provide benefits and services to the public, rather than special interest groups will be favoured. Please note that community arts activity will not generally be supported.

LEARNING: Will support projects which facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and which have a long-term strategic impact. Key areas for support are:
• libraries, museums and archives; and
• special educational needs and learning difficulties;
• projects that reduce overheads or which help generate additional revenue will also be considered.
Average grant is between £10,000 and £50,000 but up to a max. of £500,000 can be awarded.

Guidelines & application form can be found at

Foyle Foundation - Small Grants Scheme | £1,000 - £10,000 | N/A

To support smaller charities in the UK, especially those working at grass roots and local community level, in any field, across a wide range of activities. Grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 are available.

Application form can be downloaded from

Film Festival Fund| £5,000 - £50,000 | N/A

The Film Festival Fund is aimed at supporting a broad range of audience facing film festivals, from community provision to sustaining the ambition and reach of those which are of UK or international significance. The Fund aims to support greater sustainability of the sector, encouraging new ideas and initiatives around film festivals, and to incentivise film festivals work together and to engage with the film sector more widely through the UK Audience Network for Film.The BFI has allocated lottery funding of £1 million per year, for the four years from 2013-2017, to the Film Festival Fund. Funding will be allocated under two strands:

Strand One - supporting film festivals of local/regional significance or which address a specialist theme
Funding for audience development activity within film festivals that offer a strong cultural programme and which serve local/regional audiences or which may have a particular specialist theme enabling them to reach audiences from further across the UK.
Average awards are anticipated to be between £5,000 and £15,000 with an upper limit of £50,000.

Strand Two - supporting film festivals of UK wide or international significance. Funding is available to support audience development activity at UK festivals that have an international or UK-wide reach and profile, enhancing opportunities for the UK film industry and internationally, as well as further increasing audience choice.

Awards under this strand are anticipated to be for at least £50,000.

More information about the application process and the specific application forms can be found here:

VisitScotland Growth Fund | N/A | More info from March 2016

VisitScotland's Growth Fund supports collaborative tourism marketing projects which support growth in the tourism sector and ensure that visitors experience the true Spirit of Scotland.

The fund is a platform which supports groups in leveraging additional and focused marketing investment, stimulating collaboration within the industry, closer working with VisitScotland and achieving strategic alignment with the national Tourism 2020 strategy.

The Growth Fund also helps businesses to build their digital capability, market and measure more effectively. Working in partnership, means that we no longer market Scotland for Scotland; we market Scotland with Scotland.

Adopt an Apprentice | £5,000 | N/A

Adopt an Apprentice and not only will your business benefit from a skilled trainee, but you will also receive a financial incentive.
The financial incentive will help cover wage and recruitment costs of taking on a Modern Apprentice who has been made redundant from another employer.
For businesses in the oil and gas industry, the financial incentive is £5,000. For businesses in all other industries the incentive is £2,000.

Skills for Growth | N/A | N/A

Skills for Growth aims to help small businesses achieve their objectives with knowledgeable, skilled and motivated employees. We do this by combining free consultancy from Investors in People with free support from your employer engagement adviser.

This means we can help you create a detailed people plan, or understand where to start.

Innovation and Growth

HSBC Launches £8 Billion SME Business Loan Fund | N/A | N/A

The new HSBC £8 Billion SME Fund has been established to provide businesses with the financial resources required to set up and achieve ambitions for growth and development. The package is part of HSBC's bid to support up to a million small businesses that have accounts at the bank, and also includes plans to run nationwide workshops aiming to support thousands of new and evolving companies.
The package includes:
• An £8 billion SME Fund available across the UK, allocated throughout 43 local areas.
• Arrangement and HSBC security fees on qualifying business loans worth between £1,000 and £300,000 to be waived, refunded until 31 July 2015; available to customers and non-customers.
• 18 months of fee-free business banking for start-ups,
• More than 300 workshops over 12 months, aiming to support 10,000 businesses in seeking to grow from start-ups to established firms looking to expand.
The funding package breaks down regionally, as follows:
• Scotland (£400 million fund)

Barclays Launch £100 Million Fast Growth Tech Fund | N/A | N/A

Barclays has launched a £100 million debt finance fund to help fast growing UK technology businesses rival their US counterparts.
By providing the funding it is hoped this will enable technology firms to focus on areas typically seen as more risky by equity investors, like R&D, sales and marketing, without having to give away any equity in the company.
This new type of lending has, until now, been unavailable to UK businesses leaving them trailing behind US technology firms which in contrast have been able to grow at a rapid rate thanks to access to debt finance.
Traditional businesses take on average 15 years to develop whereas technology firms develop much more rapidly meaning they are set to benefit from the debt finance as an alternative to selling equity. This will also allow leading entrepreneurs to retain control of their company's development and concentrate on accelerated growth.

Scottish Enterprise Announces By Design Grant Scheme | £2,000 - £5,000 | N/A

Scottish Enterprise is offering the By Design Grant to help businesses in Scotland to design new products, processes or services or to improve the design of existing products, processes or services.
Grants of between £2,000 and £5,000 are available.
Grants are available to VAT registered companies in Scotland (except Highlands and Islands) looking to develop new products or services.
Successful applicants must be able to contribute at least 25% of the eligible costs, as well as demonstrate the benefits of the project to the business.

Find out about the application process at:

Transform Foundation | £18,000 | N/A

Each £18,000 grant covers strategy, design and development to build an amazing website. The grant covers 100% of the upfront costs. Your organisation will only need to fund ongoing costs.

Making Enterprise Happen | £60,000 - £500,000 | N/A

The Making Enterprise happen fund will make investments of between £60,000 and £500,000. Each will be in the form of a mixed grant and loan package, with a minimum of 50% to be repaid with negotiable terms.

First World War: then and now | £3,000 - £10,000 | N/A

First World War: then and now provides grants of £3,000 to £10,000 for communities to mark the Centenary of the First World War.
It is expected that your project achieves a minimum of one outcome for people from the list below. It is unlikely that your project will achieve a large number of these outcomes.
Outcomes for people
With our investment, people will have:
Learnt about heritage
Developed skills
Changed their attitudes and/or behaviour
Had an enjoyable experience
Volunteered time
Outcomes for heritage
With our support, heritage will be:
in better condition
better interpreted and explained
identified / recorded
Outcomes for communities
With our support:
more people and a wider range of people will have engaged with heritage.

Application guidance and application form can be found at:

The fund will support local projects which help families and communities give children the best start in life. They are concentrating funding on projects which benefit children, or parents and families of children, who are eight years and under. Funding of £250-£10,000 available

More information about the fund can be found at: where there is also a link to the application form under 'related documents'.

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