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Kinghorn Coastal Rowing Club - Community Club

Sat 2 Apr 16

From concept Our founding year of 2014 could list a litany of names of people who have contributed to the success and progress so far.

It all started in April 2014 and, the founding members discussed how Coastal Rowing with St. Ayles Skiffs was missing an essential element: a boat in Kinghorn. KCRC are new Kinghorn Community Organisation bringing coastal skiff rowing to Kinghorn and the surrounding area.

The project is to build and row a St Ayles skiff. We’re delighted by how many people have wanted to become involved in the build, most of them with no previous boat building skills, and it’s really exciting to see our boat taking shape. Our thanks go to all the clubs who have provided us with support and opportunities to row throughout the year, courtesy of North Queensferry, Crail, Anstruther, Pittenweem and St Andrews and a visit to the 2014 Newburgh regatta showed us how it should be done!

Coastal rowing is already really popular in Fife bringing people together up and down the coast rowing in competition and just for pleasure and we’re really excited about starting this brilliant new activity in our beautiful village.

It’s a chance for everyone in Kinghorn and surrounding areas to come together, have some fun and try something new. We’ve already had lots of support from local Clubs and local businesses and the community as a whole along with other Coastal rowing clubs in Fife and beyond. Everyone is welcome and you don’t have to be sporty or fit.

The prime object of the club is to build and row the St. Ayles class skiff for recreation and competition with other like clubs under the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association Rules. The skiffs are 7 metres stem to stern and 1.7m in the beam with four oars and a coxwain KCRC intend to be an integral part of the Kinghorn Community and of the Forth (and beyond), as part of the rowing movement and we have already been encouraged to hold regattas here! That will be fantastic!

We set about building in an extended garage in November 2014 after fundraising and applying for grants to buy the materials .Estimated as more than 800 hours work, and thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers! Volunteers have achieved a hand build skiff in the club as a Kinghorn Community Asset. We are a new club finding our feet or... “making our oars”, there has been the tenacity to build the boat , practice with other clubs, apply for grants and fundraise separately.

The support from the village and surrounding area has been fantastic! There is also an aptly named “Splinter Group” whose experience of wood-working ranged from complete beginners to the more experienced and it involved as many people as possible in the boatbuilding project.

A Kinghorn primary school pupil inspired the logo for this new and exciting club in Kinghorn. The children worked hard on submissions for the club and from a pile of great entries this one was chosen to be the inspiration .It was worked on by local artist Ritchie Feenie to the finished logo. A club member said There was a presentation to Kinghorn Primary school about the process and the children were excited to see the finished product. An oar (which had been fashioned for use on the skiff) was also taken into the school which sparked great excitement with the children. It is hoped to involve the school in the milestones of the current build of the boat which is ongoing, and a grand community launch in June 2016 this year.

At a “Come and Try day” was supported by other Fife Clubs who brought their skiffs. A mosaic work as a separate but related project has been made as part integral part of the celebrations .The logo, along with other Kinghorn community club and organisation logos will be depicted and worked into a mosaic at Quarrell Brae. This will allow for culture benefits to the Kinghorn community of Fife by making the artistic link contributing to cultural life in Fife This piece of visual mosaic art will be in the heart of the harbour area with a strong cultural and community link.

Given the popularity of the coastal path in Fife it is evidenced in a survey commissioned by Fife Coast and Countryside Trust (FCCT), The findings confirmed that the Fife Coastal Path plays a significant part in attracting visitors to Fife with over half a million visitors to the path each year as well as generating between £24 and £29 million for the Fife Economy. Kinghorn harbour and beach area is an integral part of that path and attracts many walkers and visitors, it is reasonable to assume>1000 people /year will pass / see the finish mosaic work underlining a strong cultural and community link.

Safe storage of this community built boat is now a priority. The need to store the built boat, all associated gear, oars, lifejackets, trailer, sundry tools and equipment has to met. It also has to be secure. Having worked hard on the boat build it , the priority is secure storage of this community prized possession. We feel we have the general support of the village and surrounding community and Fife clubs who have been generous with involvement donation of time and money along with helping the club in other ways. (trailer /boat frame/2 way wireless/ artistic input , and general support for fundraising events to date for the new local Kinghorn community organisation .

We have various ways of keeping members and prospective new members up to date with the latest on what’s happening:  Facebook kinghorncoastalrowingclub  email [email protected]   twitter kinghorncoastal

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