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Is your Fife tourism business looking to enter The Scottish Thistle Awards this year?

Wed 1 Jun 16

The awards follow a regional programme with the regional winners then being shortlisted for the national final of these prestigious annual tourism awards. You can find out more by following this link to the website

You may be keen to apply but you just do not have the time complete the online application or perhaps completing these type of award entry forms may just not be one of your strengths. An external view of your business can help shape and write an application that picks up on a number of key themes and content that you may never have considered on your own. Or perhaps you need the application to have more of a marketing flair than you are comfortable of writing yourself.

Gavin Sime is a consultant who has written a number of award-winning proposals for businesses and he has extensive experience in marketing tourism businesses and venues. He has worked with Fife Tourism Partnership for a number of years planning and running social media activities and online marketing campaigns. If you are looking for some support in completing your Scottish Thistle Award application, Gavin can support you in this or manage the process for you.

For more information contact Gavin on [email protected] or call 07453667325

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