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Hospitality Zero Scheme Launched

Mon 20 Sep 21

Destination NetZero

Tackling climate change is the biggest challenge facing Scottish tourism now, and in the future, and we want to inspire future generations to say that Scottish tourism led the way and made a difference. 

We’re asking the industry to prioritise responsible and low carbon growth. By taking action, it can not only reduce costs and build resilience, but it will meet the increasing consumer demand for sustainable businesses focused on delivering responsible tourism.

The Destination NetZero programme is a key strand of the COVID-19 Tourism Recovery Programme and is being delivered on behalf of the Scottish Tourism Emergency Response Group (STERG) by Scottish Enterprise (SE), VisitScotland, HIE, SoSE and partners.  

Pilot project | Hospitality Zero Scheme

As part of the programme, we are delighted to launch the Hospitality Zero Scheme, working in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland and Scottish Enterprise.  

The cost of food waste generated by the hospitality and food service sector, corresponds to an average cost per outlet of £10,000 and this project will encourage SME hospitality businesses to focus on food waste reduction, providing consultation and support to achieve this.  

It will also help to identify any associated capital expenditure requirements and provide businesses with access to grant funding (capital) to implement food waste reduction measures. 

Who can take part?

This is a pilot project aimed at businesses within the Glasgow City region. It will support:  

  • Tourism businesses  
  • SMEs  
  • Businesses with permanent premises and full sit-in facilities   
  • Visitor attractions with full food offering (not a snack only offering)  
  • Accommodation with full food offering (breakfast and lunch or dinner offering minimum)  
  • Food and drink with full food offering (not a snack only offering)  

What do you have to do?

  • One month of measuring and monitoring your food waste – equipment will be provided – collating detailed data around stock waste, plate waste and prep waste 
  • Meet with a consultant – paid for through the project – to give advice on food waste reduction, create an action plan and give recommendations for equipment that would support this 
  • Apply for grant funding to purchase equipment 

If you would like to take part, or would like more information on what is involved, please email [email protected] by 12 noon on Friday 24 September 2021. 

Other businesses can apply to the fund, provided they have evidence of food waste. 

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