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Tue 17 Mar 15

When visitors arrive at their destination, whether it be at their Hotel or an attraction or the train station, they actively look for ‘visitor information’; but how do they go about it? Visitor information centres across the UK have been a trusted source of information and insights about the local area for visitors, but it probably wasn’t your first guess anymore?. The reality is that the majority of people are now using other methods to find our about the local area such as mobile phones, tablets, information kiosks etc; meaning they can search and download what you are looking for while leaving the rest. This is why visitor information centres have been on the decline for a number of years.

BBC and other news sites have been releasing reports and statistics showing this, highlighting the fact that the way we deliver information to visitors about our areas and communities need to change: BBC News Article

ADS iSign interactive digital visitor information network however, is booming. It works WITH the trend toward smartphones, apps and digital content streaming Trip Advisor live feeds, videos, straight into busy public arena’s. This provides consumers easy to use way for people to access up-to-date information about your area, community and businesses. ADS iSign network allows Destination Management Organisations and Councils to promote their area nationally and showcase increased spend to the local businesses in their area. Businesses can also see exactly how often their business is seen, and update their information as often as they need.

We record every enquiry and our numbers show that our visitor network provides the solution visitors are looking for with over 3.5 million views last year; allowing the local area to display the latest information for visitors with the option for users to take it away on their smartphone or tablet. We believe in helping local communities thrive, supporting local organizations in their promotions, and making sure visitors find what they are looking for. - See more at:

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