Free Good to Go starter packs available

Thu 8 Mar 18

The service your customers want: Free Good to Go starter packs available

Good to Go has been developed to change the culture around leftovers and save food from the bin by giving customers an easy way to take uneaten food home. Research has revealed that customers are keen to be offered ‘doggy bags’, however two fifths are too shy to ask. Restaurants participating in Good to Go, where customers are proactively offered doggy bags, have reported average food waste reductions of 42% and have been pleased to learn that customers overwhelmingly welcome the service.

Every year, 53,500 tonnes of food is wasted from Scottish restaurants, costing an estimated £64 million. Around two-thirds of this food waste could have been avoided and 34% of this is estimated to be ‘plate waste’ – good food left by the customer at the end of the meal.

Good to Go is a great opportunity to enhance your sustainability credentials by being part of a recognised national initiative. By providing the customer with a box and sticker containing safety instructions from Food Standard Scotland, it also addresses safety issues. Some restaurants have also said that being part of Good to Go actually improves sales as customers who weren't sure if they could manage additional courses ordered them anyway and took some home. 

Zero Waste Scotland are now offering FREE starter packs of 300 boxes, bags and communication materials to businesses employing up to 250 employees. Help us achieve Scotland’s world-leading target to reduce food waste by 33% by 2025.

To order your free starter pack or to find out more, contact us at [email protected] or phone 0141 227 2319.

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