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First Minister 'likely' to delay easing of restrictions next week

Thu 17 Jun 21

Nicola Sturgeon addressed the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday announcing that the planned easing of restrictions on 28th June would "in all probability" be paused to allow more people to be vaccinated.

The First Minister said: "Our next full scheduled review of the protection levels will take place next week. And this will consider whether any changes are possible from 28 June onwards – the date when we had hoped we would see the whole country move down to level 0.

However, given the current situation - and the need to get more people fully vaccinated before we ease up further - it is reasonable I think to indicate now that it is unlikely that any part of the country will move down a level from 28 June.

Instead, it is more likely that we will opt to maintain restrictions for a further three weeks from 28 June and use that time to vaccinate - with both doses - as many more people as possible.

Doing that will give us the best chance, later in July, of getting back on track and restoring the much greater normality that we all crave."

Ms Sturgeon announced that the Scottish Government will publish a paper next week setting out a route map beyond level 0 in addition to the outcome of its physical distancing review, saying " I know how important this is for many businesses, in hospitality certainly, but also for theatres and cinemas and the arts more generally, as they all consider how they can operate sustainably over the medium to long term

You can view the First Minister's speech from Tuesday in full here.

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