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Fife Tourism Partnership Unveils Ten Year Strategy

Tue 12 Nov 19

Fife Tourism Partnership, in conjunction with Fife Council and the Local Tourist Associations, has launched its ten-year tourism and event strategy. Developed with detailed input from tourism businesses in Fife, the strategy sets out an ambitious, yet realistic, challenge for the Fife tourism sector to achieve even stronger economic and employment growth.

Building upon successes since the last strategy was announced in 2014, the ten-year plan will seek to unlock new growth opportunities across the region. The last four years have seen continued momentum for Fife, with the launch of the five-star attraction Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries, confirmed World Heritage status of the Forth Bridge and the Queensferry Crossing officially opening.

The vision is that by 2029 Fife will be one of the strongest digital destinations in Scotland. With businesses taking advantage of digital opportunities and visitors and locals alike able to interact, book and share their positive experiences, leaving their own digital footprint across Fife for others to view, share and experience for themselves.

Four strategic outcomes have been identified to underpin the plans:

1) Creating sense of place and growing Fife’s economy - outcome target – increasing the value of tourism from £565m to £836m, this will be achieved by working with regional partners to take advantage of opportunities to promote Fife

2) A digital tourism industry - outcome target – 1 million-page views on

3) A strong and successful events sector - outcome target – increase the value of events in Fife from £18m to £20m

4) Tourism is a career by choice - outcome target – increase the number of fulltime equivalent jobs from 11,500 to 13,000

Chair of Fife Tourism Partnership, Moira Henderson said: “Our new Fife Tourism and Events Strategy takes advantage of new opportunities and will see a programme of digital projects commence across Fife to help attract fresh audiences. There is no doubt that Fife needs to embrace the digital era right across its interaction with visitors, from when they are looking and planning their holiday to when they have been and are sharing their stories about Fife with family and friends. We’ll also engage with partners across the tourism sector to make tourism a career of choice for ambitious young people, who are the future of the region.”

Sandra Montador-Stewart, Service Manager Economy, Tourism and Town Centres at Fife Council added: “Tourism in Fife already contributes £599m annually to the Scottish economy, supports 11,500 full time equivalent jobs and represents around 9% of Fife’s workforce and we believe embracing digital technology is key to unlocking future growth. This includes the new augmented reality project and digital tours in Dunfermline – both new and exciting projects that will provide real-time interpretation of heritage sites across Fife for the first time. We look forward to working with partners across the region and beyond to continue to build upon Fife’s tourism success story.”

As part of the commitment to tourism in Fife a new marketing campaign for the region will be announced on 15th November at the Fife Tourism Conference at Fairmont St Andrews.

The Fife Tourism and Events Strategy 2019-2029 can be downloaded here:

Tickets to the Fife Tourism Conference 2019 are available here:

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