Euans Guide - The benefits of reviewing locally

Fri 23 Mar 18

We love the reviews that are appearing on Euan's Guide right now, and it's been good to see so many reviews of your favourite local coffee shops, bakeries, libraries and more!

We often say that you can review anywhere in the world, (and it's true!) but just as it's important to share reviews of hotels, trendy restaurants and popular tourist attractions, it's good to include the lesser talked about places too: we're talking about your local post office, the train station you use each morning, or even the local park where you walk your dog!

Are these everyday essentials accessible in your town? If they are, then let's shout about them! If not, why not? How could they improve? What tips can you share with visitors to your area? These everyday disabled access reviews can sometimes be forgotten, but they're also the places we visit more often than anywhere else.

Join in this week by adding a review of somewhere you visit regularly in your local area! Write a review >>

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