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Fri 29 Jan 21

Something New, Something Exciting, Something Positive...

Times are complicated and difficult for communities.

Solutions are challenging. If we are all to minimise the damage Covid-19 has inflicted,and ease the recovery of our communities, one of the key tools will be effective communication.

Communication needs to be across the entire East Neuk area. Information needs to be current and relevant. At times of restricted movement our computers, pads and phones have become our first channels of communication.

With this in mind, Visit East Neuk(VEN) has developed an App and Website EAST NEUK NOW that are fully interactive andwill allow all residents, businesses and visitors to accesslive and current information.

- It allows all groups, organisations and businesses to communicate with their members and customers.

- The App is funded frominitiativesby the Scottish Government and is managed by Visit East Neuk. 

- The App is free for use by any member of the public, and business listings are also free.

-Our experience elsewhere is that the App soon becomes the “go to” place for all local information and an important gateway to local media platforms.

East Neuk Now is ready for your business listing...

As a prominent East Neuk business, we invite you to be an early listing.It is about presence and being seen to be active. You may be on lockdown or restricted hours, but that makes it even more important to communicate with customers, share your situation and explain your current operation and trading.

The first step is to sign up for an account on (NB: The sign up on is for users. Usethe abovedomainto set up or edit your account)

After that, you will receivean acknowledgement; and then we will contact you again once the application has been reviewed and approved.At that point you can go back to, sign in, click on Listings and then select “+New Listing”.

The form should be straightforward, but if there’s anything you are not sure about, please get in touchwith our Administrator Dave Smith ([email protected]).

Just a couple of pointers:

1.To place amap pinin your postcode area, click on update latitude and longitude.To look up your exact latitude and longitude, use a website like Note that if you have tweaked thelatitude and longitude settings to get your map pin placedprecisely, don’t click on update – it will revert to the default for your postcode.

2.When uploading an image, it may be tempting to use an external view of your property; but your listing will generally stand out much better if you use images of people, your products, branding, or interiors. Also, if you don’t have a suitable photo handy, there are some stock images, and the photo can be changed later. If you have any questions or would like advice, please don’t hesitate to contactour Administrator.

We look forward to your participation.

With Best Wishes fromVisit East Neuk Management Committee

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