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Celebrating Adam Smith – Fife’s Father of Economics and Moral Philosophy

Fri 5 Jun 15

Fife's latest visitor attraction – Adam Smith visitor centre - is set to open late autumn to celebrate Kirkcaldy's famous son and economist as we celebrate his anniversary on 5th June
Adam Smith is known and celebrated world-wide. His name is a global brand it is fitting that he continues to be celebrated in his home town of Kirkcaldy. The Adam Smith Birthplace Exhibition and Visitor Centre will open later this year and will be based within the grounds of Smith's former home just off the High Street in Kirkcaldy.

Adam Smith Close which leads from Kirkcaldy's High Street to the new visitor centre is being restored with a set of timeline commemorative stones being laid to commemorate key dates in Smiths life. These time line stones are available for sponsorship via Adam Smith Global Foundation, the lead partner delivering the visitor centre and close as part of Kirkcaldy's Ambition's Partnership.

Five interesting facts about famous Fifer Adam Smith:

1. His education begun at home with private tutors before attending Kirkcaldy's famous Burgh School where he was taught by David Miller, a teacher of considerable reputation who produced a number of eminent scholars under his direction.
2. Adam Smith was known as the 'Father of Economics' and is still among the most influential thinkers in the field of economics today.
3. The 'Wealth of Nations' (1776) was the first modern work of economics.
4. It is said former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher carried 'Wealth of Nations' book in her handbag.
5. Although Smith was best known for his economics theories, he was also a moral philosopher many believe that his finest work was The History of Moral Sentiments. He put forth the idea that our moral feelings come from sympathy which is an innate trait in all people; concept also known as 'putting ourselves in their shoes'.
6. Throughout his life he resisted calls from the likes of his dear friend, David Hume, to leave provincial Kirkcaldy. Hume considered Kirkcaldy no place for a man of letters, but Smith refused, frequently stating his contentment at living in a small, quiet, provincial town, and the joy he derived from mixing with the townsfolk of all levels.

Adam Smith Global Foundations can be contacted on 01592 267171 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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