Business Mentoring

Mon 28 May 18

Did you know Business Mentoring can help you to grow or develop your business?

Business Mentoring is for businesses and social enterprises who want to realise their personal and business growth ambitions, giving them the ability to take their company to new heights.

Who better to encourage and support you than someone who has already made that journey?  The Business Mentoring service matches you with experienced mentors from all business areas and sectors.

Business Mentoring can help with:

  • Business strategy
  • Creating new business opportunities
  • Leadership skills
  • Innovation
  • International business knowledge
  • Export expertise


Who is eligible?

Scottish businesses or social enterprises who are generating a steady turnover with the potential to increase turnover growth by £200,000 or more over a 3 year period can apply.

There is a pool of over 960 mentors across Scotland with a wide range of skills and experience.

To find out more call 01592 647740 or email
[email protected]


What is the role of a mentor?

Mentors act as a trusted ally and a sounding board.  Their role is to create an open and honest relationship with a business person and provide a confidential atmosphere to encourage you to feel confident to try out new ideas, address new opportunities or issues that are difficult to discuss with other senior colleagues in your business.

Mentors support your development by giving feedback to reinforce the business' strengths and to help focus on those area where you want to develop and grow.

Contact Jacqui Curley if you are interested in becoming a Mentor

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