Anstruther Photo Competitions

Mon 20 May 19

Snap-happy photographers have two East Neuk photography competitions they can submit their work for consideration at the Scottish Fisheries Museum and the Anstruther Harbour Festival.

This year The Scottish Fisheries Museum is running a nationwide competition for young people 16 and under. This is part of their 50th anniversary celebrations and the winning photos will be picked to represent a month on a 2020 Boats, Fish and Folk calendar.

Young people from around Scotland are encouraged to take photos in fishing villages and towns from around the coast to showcase the beauty of Scotland’s seaside locations. These photos will be judged by staff and volunteers in the museum and 12 winners will be picked to make up the calendar.  The competition ends on the 1st of November 2019. Visit the Scottish Fisheries Museum website for entry information and competition terms/conditions.

The Anstruther Harbour Festival is having an ANSTER HARBOUR VISIONS Photography Competition, with a theme of  YOUR VISIONS OF WORK, WEATHER AND LEISURE. Photos should relate to Anstruther harbour, reflecting the working and leisure aspects of the harbour, and the influence on the harbour of weather and light. The winning works of the three themes and age categories will be included in the AHF Photographic exhibit from the 18th to 21st July 2019. Visit for more information and how to submit entries.

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