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Tue 2 Sep 14

According to data by Tony Haile of Chartbeat, "I've only got 15 seconds to capture your attention ... so I guess I better make it quick". His data shows that instead of tracking views alone, we should focus on reading time and page engagement Research conducted by students from Strathclyde Business School has focused on analysing over 3 years of enquiries to the ADS iSign network.

They have tracked ‘engaged’ customers to find out exactly how long on average they are spending looking at each business’s detailed page, or interactive page as we call it. The average time turned out to be an impressive 41 seconds. In this time the users are able to read business content extensively thus making an informed decision on their purchase and increase brand recall as the message resonates longer in the clients mind. There is current debate regarding number of clicks v’s time spent on pages. Click rate has for a long time been a measure of success and there are questions forming over whether we should we be monitoring ‘time spent’ instead as a more accurate indication of engagement, the chance to draw someone in and influence a greater likelihood to purchase, sign up and share content. For advertising based sites, high level of involvement is a key performance indicator as time spent indicates a high level of interest and involvement.

Erica Cromar, ADS Marketing Director explains “Our iSign users are in ‘active search mode’ already -- they're approaching our machines for specific information, are committed to taking the time to find it and critically, have not yet made their buying decision. The fact that our 'time spent' rate blows other averages out of the water should give our customers a lot of reassurance. It's logical that iSign users are your most engaged reader so make sure you make the effort to provide them the right information."

David Marks, VP of product and StumbleUpon suggests that advertisers should use metrics like time and attention instead of views and clicks. And by focusing on new metrics, advertisers can get better ROI and media sites can focus on what really matters: creating quality content that gets people to stick around. "Time spend is not a very actionable metric, it's more a sign that you've done the right thing" says David Marks, VP of product at StumbleUpon.

So what do these recommendations actually mean for your business? Just focus on creating your own quality content on the page that keeps people engaged. A crucial element that can't be overlooked when analysing time spent is the networks organization and design. "The better the content and site organization, the longer users will want to spend on a site," says Jason Squardo, EVP of optimization at ZOG Digital. Campbell Cromar, Director of ADS iSign agrees and attributes the high 'time spent' values of iSign to the consumer experience “A lot of what we do focuses around engaging and entertaining visitors in a very high quality way. I am delighted with such positive research findings as it is all about the experience, holding people’s attention and developing like crazy to keep up with consumer expectation " ADS are constantly looking for ways to grow their engagement of the Digital Tourist and Campbell credits active participation from his customers with many developments as well as understanding the changing needs of visitor. "Whether your business will want to increase or decrease time spent, knowing what your site's actual time spent metrics are is half the battle” David Marks, VP of product at StumbleUpon Call ADS on 08435256179 Website

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