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#AccessibleFife Top Tips

Mon 7 Mar 16

Following our Accessible Tourism Workshop held back in January, we aim to establish Fife as an Accessible Tourism Destination.

The accessible tourism market has grown significantly over the last few years, with many businesses who cater for this market seeing higher occupancy rates and development of a loyal customer base who keep returning.

Below we have written up some top tips to help your business cater for the accessible tourism market.

Top Tips for your business

  • REGISTER on Euans Guide & list important access info for potential visitors
  • Write an access statement that's ACCESSIBLE! Make sure your website has downloadable information
  • Support & train your staff. Help them feel CONFIDENT, friendly & inviting - & not anxious!
  • ENGAGE with your customers. Find out personally how you can improve access in your venue
  • Make the most of your accessible TOILET! Ensure there's space & attach a #RedCordCard
  • Be creative with SPACE. Don't have floor obstructions & have a clear path around the room
  • Check your SIGNAGE. Use high contrast text & incl directions. Consider the height!
  • Fill up the WATER BOWL as there may be an assistance dog! Treat them as a customer too!
  • Be INFORMED!!! Be familiar with the surrounding area so you can help your disabled customer

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