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  • Topic: WelcometoFife.com

  • johnmurray25.11.2015 16:29

    All Fife Tourism Partnership registered businesses can register on WelcometoFife.com

    If you are not already on there, please email John.Murray-EP@fife.gov.uk to get the details you need to create and update your listing.

  • 19.02.2016 14:50

    Has anyone else noticed that 'Kirkcaldy and mid Fife' is missing from the search options on the newly launched visitscotland website? Then when I search for 'self catering in Fife' I get B&Bs and other listings mixed in with the results? Also notice huge search bars and maps that take up half the screen and limit the image size of the properties that are eventually found. Slow, freezes during search, messages saying 'a problem has occured try again later'. All very frustrating and poorly thought out, didnt anyone think to try it out prior to the 'big launch'? Help!

  • fifehistoric03.03.2016 11:05

    Hello. I noticed the same problems with the new VisitScotland site and ended up emailing updates@visitscotland.com for advice. I'm not sure if it is completely sorted but they were able to check that our accommodation was appearing under the correct search criteria. They also suggested filtering the results (e.g. by A to Z) and then I was able to see our properties on the map and listings. But like you, I'm not convinced it's been properly tested! Hope this helps. Laura

  • 05.03.2016 13:43

    Have also been in touch almost on a daily basis but not much improvement unfortunately. The search facilities for mid/central Fife are currently non existent. Most people searching for self catering in Kirkcaldy and surrounding areas will be dissapointed and likely to soon move on elsewhere due to the confused layout and geographical errors on the site. The constant need to scroll through often misleading and distracting info is laboriously slow and off putting. I search for self catering in Kinghorn and I get a Trust House Forte hotel in Edinburgh???

  • 08.03.2016 14:37

    visitscotland have promised updates to the search facilities (an add on) that will hopefully assist searchers to find businesses in midFife.....we'll see!

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