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  • ajbrant0122.04.2014 10:00

    My name is Allison Brant and I am a Postgraduate student from the School of Life, Sports and Social Sciences at Edinburgh Napier University. As part of my degree course, I am undertaking a research project for my Masters dissertation. The title of my project is: The development of a self-assessment toolkit for small accommodation services.

    This study will aim to develop a self-assessment toolkit which can be used by the accommodation sector to make their practises more sustainable. This is in light of the changing VisitScotland star-grading scheme which is incorporating sustainable practise into their minimum standards and will ensure businesses which use the toolkit are meeting these standards.

    I am looking for volunteers to participate in the project. Volunteers will be given the chance of assessing the contents of the toolkit and commenting whether it is fit for purpose.

    The aim is to provide the volunteer establishments with a copy of the toolkit and have myself go into the business for a day as support for using the toolkit. The toolkit covers 8 topics including Energy, Waste, Transport, Communication and Engagement.

    The aim is by implementing the easy actions which are within the toolkit you will be making your operations more environmentally responsible as well as save you money for new investment.

    If you would like to take part in the study, you will receive the toolkit with the opportunity to comment on the contents, and support for implementing the toolkit. Please get in touch with myself, Allison Brant, either by e-mail (, phone (07786830008) or reply to this thread.

    Thank you, Allison Brant

  • ajbrant0122.04.2014 14:56

    If you want to use Social Media to get in touch with me my profiles are as follows: LinkedIn: Twitter:

  • ajbrant0107.05.2014 12:23

    I am now in the position to offer accommodation providers a sneak peek on what to expect from the toolkit! This is a great opportunity for you to get involved in my project and get your business up to speed with the new standards with minimal input! Please get in touch if you want to know more and if you can help. e-mail, phone: 07786830008 or through Twitter: ajbrant01

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