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  • fifehistoric04.02.2014 11:02

    Can anyone help with advice about accepting credit card payments from guests for your two holiday apartments? Trying to work out if it is cost effective to get a credit card machine? Or is Paypal the way forward? Currently we are taking cash/cheque or BACS but this isn't always convenient, especially for overseas guests. Any advice from other accommodation providers is much appreciated! Thank you.

  • bankhead_house01.04.2014 10:14

    This response is probably too late to be of use to you, but I'll offer my opinion anyway. Until now I've only taken cash, cheque or BACS payments. I set up a paypal business account to take card payments, but am very dissatisfied with how that works, and don't use it at all now. However I use the freetobook booking system ( it's very good) and they're offering what appears to be a good rate for a credit card payment system. I've signed up but haven't got it operational yet so can't give any feedback as yet. Check out their website.

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