Running a Tourism Business in the Future

Date(s): Thu 24 May 18
Location: Perth Concert Hall Mill Street Perth PH1 5HZ

As consumers, we all know the benefits that technology can make to our travel experiences – but as a business it can be hard to keep up!

Travellers increasingly expect constant connectivity, instant availability and personalised services. Join us to reflect on some of the current opportunities for tourism businesses, how you can make the most of them and how you can stay ahead of future trends.

Collaborative Economy

Explore how the use of innovative technology platforms could help to turn tourism assets into authentic experiences.

Discover the key opportunities that new online platforms could bring across: Accommodation, Transport, Food & Meals, Tours & Activities and On-Demand Domestic Service.

The Data Era – Datalab

An interactive session that discusses the Data Era, one of the biggest changes we are living through today, by sharing examples of what others have achieved and how this may apply to your business.

The Future of Tourism

Discover the Mega Trends expected to impact tourism over the next 10 years, and reflect on the opportunities this might bring to your tourism business.


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Running a Tourism Business in the Future

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