Arts & Business Scotland

Arts & Business Scotland is an independent Scottish charity. We embed business in culture and creativity in business to develop entrepreneurial cultural organisations and innovative businesses.

We offer incentives to new and returning business sponsors in order to grow the range of businesses engaging with the arts on a regular basis. We deliver consultancy in arts sponsorship and engagement to business. We advocate and broker business based creative development to position the arts as a catalyst to help achieve business solutions, while securing new income streams for the arts. We enlist individuals in business through Board Bank to deliver skills and in kind resources to the cultural sector. We deliver sponsorship training and support to the arts to help build their capacity to develop relationships with, and bring in funding from, the private sector. We advocate, train and run programmes designed to increase individual giving for the arts. We deliver board training and development to arts organisations to build their capacity.

Our definition of ‘the cultural sector’ includes visual arts and crafts, performing arts, music, literature, museums, libraries, heritage, architecture, design and film.

Arts & Business Scotland



1st Floor
Rosebery House
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Tel: 0131 556 3353
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